# 43 (2014) If Something Is Cheap, Someone Else Pays

I am not oblivious to what things cost or how things come to be cheap. A series like Dispatches on Channel 4 is a clear cut reminder of that.

If you buy cheap food at the supermarket it means either the grower or the packer in the factoy took the hit on your behalf. If your clothes are cheap, it means the machinist made it for wages we wouldn’t even get out of bed for in this country. 

I don’t know who to blame, but I’d probably choose the customer for being greedy enough to blinker themselves as to how damaging this sort of shopping mentality is. The information is out there.

And it’s only going to get worse. Bringing in the minimum wage simply created other problems like zero hours contracts, loopholes which meant migrant workers prioritised over UK citizens, and a vast array of cheap imports squeezing UK manufacturing out of the equation. 

But as a UK worker on zero hours contracts, minimum wages and trying to run my own business, I am not only aware I am feeding the problem but equally trapped in the cycle of needing these cheap offerings to stay alive. I am one of millions in this situation. And that makes me incredibly frustrated and just a little bit angry.


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