# 45 (2014) Tax Free

It is fortunate, given my personal financial situation right now, that as my business income slowly increases, so does the tax free personal allowance. I don’t feel particularly guilty as 17 of my working years have been spent contributing to the system. But I also realise that most people probably think I should.

I don’t pay NIs on any PAYE work but I do pay through my business. As for tax, I can barely remember what a taxed wage slip looks like. And on the occasions I have had one have been shocked at just how much of our wages go straight into the Government coffers. It’s no wonder we all struggle to make ends meet.

Earning like this, almost all zero hours contracts or minimum wage, means that at least I can predict my income and work out when I am reaching my tax free limit. I need those kinds of warnings so I can prepare. And thankfully business expenses balance things out.

Perhaps one day I will get there but as new proposals appear in the news it looks less and less likely.


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