# 46 (2014) Two Things…

…that make me glad. One, that being self employed means I don’t have to get myself into jobs I don’t like. And two, that if I do take on work I’m not happy with I can leave it because there is always something else to go to. Not that I am in the habit of doing that since Lincoln has not been a happy job hunting place.

Every job I have had in Lincoln has involved nasty managers, jobs worth’s and staff who clearly hated every moment of their working lives. These were new experiences. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky. Perhaps I have rose tinted glasses for my professional past.

I don’t see any point in doing something for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week that you hate. And if you hate people, don’t do a job that involves customer service. I like working with people. I like the satisfaction I get from knowing I helped them and they were happy with what I did.

I’d only been in my current role for 3 weeks, but as it’s part time that’s only 6 days. By this time there had been three customer complaints about rude staff, numerous occasions of staff bitching about other staff and customers to staff, and occasions of staff bitching about customers to other customers. It’s not on and it makes for a very miserable working environment.

Additionally, any manager who devalues your skills and makes you feel like an idiot in front of other customers, staff and generally makes you feel worthless and out of your depth doesn’t deserve you as a member of staff. Thankfully money is not the issue here and so I left. And you have no idea how relieved I feel.


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