# 52 (2014) Loyalty

I have noticed a trend since I moved to my current city and I think a lot of it has to do with our economic climate and our attitude to work. It also has a lot to do with small people living in small places.

I suppose I have always been fairly lucky in work. When I lived and worked down south jobs were easier to come by if you had skills and you networked, companies were generally good employers and everyone seemed to get on well.

Since I moved to Lincoln I have noticed a worrying change of attitude towards staff (not just to myself but to others as well) on the ground especially from more mature members employees who should have known better.

Tale telling, poor opinion of staff and customers, bullying and a complete lack of trust in staff from management and vice versa are just a few of things I remember from the last 6 years. It’s why I’ve moved jobs several times. I’ve never been so desperate for work that I’ve allowed myself to be treated like shit, emotionally bullied or made to feel like I can’t be trusted. But clealy there are people that will because I met people who dreaded every work day of their lives but kept on going back for more. I won’t put up with that. Life’s too short. I guess I just lived in bigger places.

Despite being bullied a lot at school (no doubt because of small minds in small places) I never got bullied once in the workplace until I came here and since then it’s happened several times. And I would love to name and shame.

Thankfully since I now work for myself I don’t have to put up with this mindless petty behaviour but there may come a day when I have to go back into office environments and I shall have to defend myself again. More than that I feel sorry for the generations who have put up with this kind of behaviour and think that’s the way it. Because that just breeds the next generation of bullies, suspicious management and subservient employees.

And that’s the kind of place I don’t want to be working.


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