# 2 (2015) Not for the Trendies

I am really bad for the economy. I don’t enjoy shopping and am reluctant to part with more than a tenner if I’m eating out. Most of us aren’t made of money right now and so enjoying a vibrant and interesting city on a budget can make it unobtainable and thus unattractive.

I’ve just moved to Manchester – but I’ve gone in with the same spending attitude as my former abode – Lincoln – which was pretty lifeless so not spending money was easy. I’ve read a number of ‘what to do in Manchester’ articles like this and find them largely pretentious and misleading. We are not all tourists.

Afflecks is disappointing if you value your cash. Better off at COW where you can pick up barely worn Converse for under £20. I don’t like trendy eating holes and bars. Overpriced food served on wooden boards does not attract me. Stick to Wetherspoons (Manc has one of the best WS’s I’ve ever been in) and Gullivers is a great live band venue that charges very little.


For creative space don’t go with the mainstream units. They cost a fortune. I found a small office venue 10 minutes from Piccadilly train station for less than £1 per sqft. The trendy well known hubs are up to £13 per sqft and possibly more. My £265 a month venue would be nearly £4000 a month at the regular places. I couldn’t possibly work enough hours in the day to pay for that sort of thing.

If you’re a fashion victim Manc has all the regular places you’d expect from a big city but there’s an impressive TKMaxx and the cheaper high street ranges and vintage you’d expect. If you’re a proper cheapskate who doesn’t value ethical rights across the globe the likes Primark and H&M are also within spitting distance of the centre of everything.


As for the trams – don’t get excited. They’re just quiet trains. Get a bike or use your legs. That way you can walk off all that Wetherspoons grub you snuffle you greedy bastard.


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