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# 4 (2015) Early Days – Things To Know About Manchester

I’ve only been here 5 weeks. Here’s what I know so far:

If you drive a car be careful. The roads are full of holes. If they’re not full of holes you will find most of the markings have gone. Beware if you pride your motor.

The trams are a thing to tourists and people who pretend to be Mancunians but are actually tourists in residence.

It does not rain every day.

The M67 will never be finished.

You will not see a celebrity every day when you walk around the city.

There are some no go areas of Manchester. Do not go to them.

The Northern Quarter is a tourist trap.

It’s a lot like other cities but this isn’t a bad thing.

Manchester definitely has a music scene.


Forty years of feminism – but women still do most of the housework | Society | The Guardian

This is not just in marital relationships. In any given situation where there is a woman there will be a guy somewhere not doing the job.

# 3 (2015) Is Anyone Normal?

I have finally admitted defeat in my quest for a normal house share. Because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist.

I’ve been settled in my new place two weeks now. Generally as a rule it is normal. There are people who share social space, watch TV together and seem to lead relatively normal lives but there’s always ‘something’.

The house I am in now comprises of a girl, late twenties, who owns the house and a guy who has lodged with her for a year, 40, single, and runs his own business. What this essentially means is that SHE is living with a teenager. He gets up at any time, parks his arse on the sofa, and types on his laptop. Occasionally he goes out, sometimes they are late nights. Very late nights.The other morning I came down and found him sprawled on sofa, fully dressed, where he had been since 4am.

Myself and the lady of the house initially touched on the ‘cleaning rota’ subject. The summise of which was ‘well **** doesn’t do cleaning. So he does the washing up’. I was too surprised at this to respond correctly and instead went with it. In a nutshell he does NOTHING in the house except the washing up. He might take out the bins sometimes, but that is essentially it.

At first I thought this is probably going to be a problem going forward, but the more I’ve thought about the logistics of it, the more I am realising it might be a reasonable swap. Cleaning only really needs doing once a week. A whip round with the hoover, the steam cleaner and a squirt or two in the bathroom and round the kitchen and it’s dealt with. Washing up (and I mean he does ALL the washing up) is every day. Admittedly he’s only doing it once, but he does it. Can I milk this for all it’s worth?

It has occurred to me that there are very few normal people living in house shares. Singles generally can’t afford to live on their own in the UK anymore. Everything is far too expensive here now. And therefore they have to live in shared accommodation. Anyone under 30 and living in a share is a reasonable situation. But by the time you hit your thirties you really should be getting your shit together.

There is a reason house sharers over 30 (and this particularly seems to stretch to the men of the world) are living alone (but not alone) and it isn’t because they are strong and independent. It’s because there is something wrong. Whether they are socially inept, boring or have just never grown up.

I live in a house share because I can’t afford to live on my own (boy if I could I would) and that my partner and I have chosen not to live together because whilst we like being together we don’t want to be under each others feet every day.

Being able to starfish across my own bed is one of life’s little luxuries. And whilst it’s nice to have someone to cuddle up to at night, I don’t want it every night. Privacy and me time are important to both of us. Additionally I run my own business so I haven’t got a hope in hell of affording my own place, not even a bedsit. So that is essentially my lot for he foreseeable future.

This may seem like double standards. Perhaps I am as weird as the people I think are weird. But I accept my responsibilities within that situation, I don’t have a problem with people (much), cleaning (I like it clean), buying household products for shared use provided I am not the only one, and I keep the bathroom clean.

These guys need to be married, babysat and waited on hand and foot. But it’s not going to happen. Because these people are not a good catch. And that is why they are living in house shares, single and it’s unlikely to change any time soon.

This is me. This is why I sleep alone a lot. I am a bed hogger. And I don't care!