10 Things Being An Introvert Is Not An Excuse For

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Now more than ever before, the Internet is brimming with articles on Introversion. Some version of “How to care for your Introvert” shows up on my newsfeed more times I can count in a day. And that’s great. Discovering your personality type is fantastic and identifying as an introvert can be life-changing. However, not all of these articles are doling out entirely healthy advice.

Lately – particularly on tumblr – I’ve noticed a large influx of articles that imply that it is every introvert’s right to bail on plans, avoid important conversations and generally take no responsibility for the social contracts they engage in, because they’re introverts, therefor the regular rules do not apply.

This, quite frankly, is bullshit. And it’s insulting to introverts everywhere. Nothing about drawing energy from within implies that introverts are unable to uphold social contracts or general life duties. And the more we encourage each…

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