24 Weird Things About Sex Women Only Discuss While Drinking

When I got drunk with my best friend, we had far more important things to talk about than sex. :/

Thought Catalog

1. Threesome interest. Whether you’d have one to escape from your relationship, or to save your relationship.

2. Butt stuff. Supposedly accidental. Aggressively not accidental. Appropriate cleaning techniques.

3. Interest in girls/girls you’ve made out with. A conversation that slowly turns into, “who in this room would you make out with?” It’s like a civilized, grown-up, all female version of spin the bottle.

4. Numbers. Either a contest for the highest or a contest for the lowest, depending on your company.

5. Penis aesthetics. Right or left leaning penises and how best to blow them.

6. Cheese or oral sex. I don’t know how “Would you give up cheese or oral sex for the rest of your life?” became an appropriate party question, but it seems to be one of those unfortunate collegiate trends that just circulated. You will be asked. You will, of course, say oral sex. But you’ll…

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