If You’re Good To Animals, You’re A Genuinely Good Person

Animal cruelty is bullying. Bullies only pick on those who don’t retaliate. Shame on bullies of all kinds.

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I am popularly not nice, and I am completely very okay with that. This might even come off as a self-righteous article to some, since I am discreetly declaring myself as “nice.” However, I can’t help but be appalled by people who don’t treat animals with respect. I mean, are they even humans? Maybe. But they must have some genetic defect, because they don’t seem to carry the, erm, “humane” gene.

While my stand is that humans are the greatest (and the most evil) species on earth, we do not have the right to subject any other living creature on our selfish whims. I do believe that by being the most advanced creature, albeit the most destructive of nature, we are given the task to take care of everything that’s of a lower form. With great power comes great responsibility, but I’m afraid this too has been misused.

To me…

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