What It Means To Be Alive

I am always a little bit jealous of people who can think outside that box. My aim for 2015 – be like this!

Thought Catalog

There is much more to living than having a heartbeat. There is much more to life than breathing and the blood flowing through your veins. But not everyone knows this; not everyone sees it this way. You may be living, but are you alive? You are so lucky to be living on this earth, and there are so many people who do not have the clarity of vision to realize that. I believe there is one thing that separates the people who are living, and the people that are alive. And that is appreciation. It’s the appreciation of what we have been given here on earth. It’s the appreciation of our emotions and the love you can share with everyone and everything around you.

There is a cohesiveness between ourselves and all of the nature that surrounds us. Regardless of what you believe in, when this world was created, it…

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