19 Things To Look For In A Partner That Have Nothing To Do With Sex Or Appearance

This is a very long shopping list of wants in a relationship and you’ll be lucky to tick all these boxes. Anyone this perfect has a secret lurking somewhere. A great relationship can deal with the flaws as well as the perfections. No 5 is a biggy for me though. Never get with someone who’s looking for a crutch to improve their own life. These people are everywhere and they’re not always easy to spot. Get a balanced view from friends and family. Being blinded by love will make these people harder to spot!

Thought Catalog


1. A strong sense of character. They are steady and certain in the knowledge of who they are. They’re always willing to learn and to grow and to improve. But they will not compromise their values, their beliefs, or their integrity.

2. Chemistry. In the bedroom, it’s great. But it’s just as amazing to feel a strong pull to them when you’re taking a walk through the city or you’re just sitting at dinner together, having an everyday conversation and not wanting to be anywhere else in the world.

3. A strong desire to listen to each other. Not just out of obligation, but because you believe you have a lot to learn from one another.

4. A sense of humor. They don’t necessarily have to be hilarious, just capable of laughing at themselves and appreciating lighthearted moments with you.

5. Someone who’s complete on their own, who wants you…

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