Never Trust A Doctor

Last June I changed my doctor. This is not a new thing. But this one was different. I had my joining appointment with a female doctor who said I was basically too old and too fat  for the pill I was on. She didn’t quite say it like that, but that was the jist of it.

I am of the opinion that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. So despite having been on the same pill for about 15 years, maintained my weight to within a lb for most of that and having good health, I was forced to move from a combined pill to a progesterone only. I had read the horror stories.

Within a month I had gained almost a stone. Thankfully I then moved and had to change doctor again. The first thing I did was ask to go back onto my previous prescription. And after checking my records and the books the only conclusion they could come to for the enforced change was that this one was cheaper. So whilst that doctor saved a few quid, 6 months later I am still fighting to get rid of the excess weight.

Now, it’s not like I was thin to start with. I am 41 and was 11st 5lb. And whilst  I find it easy to maintain my weight, I struggle to lose it. There are various reasons for this but it boils down to two things – I loathe exercise and I absolutely love food. I’m also pretty sure I have a slow metabolism.

I’ve tried the exercise thing. I became scarily addicted to the gym back in 2006 for two years. I was going 5 times a week including 4 classes at the weekend, weighing and measuring every part of myself twice a day. That’s how obsessed I got. But in that two years I barely lost a stone. And I don’t remember feeling great. All I can remember is worrying why I wasn’t losing more weight. Taking selfie after selfie, counting calories on an app to see how many I should have burned. Then I moved, and gym stopped being an affordable thing.

I am not known for my food issues, except that yes I love food. I eat to fill boredom. And it doesn’t have to be that I actually have nothing to do. My brain just gets bored really really easily.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been reeducating my body on the food side of things. Post gaining all the weight, Christmas happened and we were gifted a lot of free food and I just troughed my way through most of it. So I’ve basically got to lose a stone just to get back to square one.

I had a full time job throughout January which I thought would be helpful but I forgot how much free food comes through an office in a week and I just don’t have the willpower. Free lunches, the left over boxes of chocolates from Christmas, free biscuits for visitors which everyone else ate too. It was just everywhere.

I don’t buy a lot of crap food. I think it’s a waste of money but I was a three meals a day person. I’m currently trying to de-carb as that’s probably where a lot of my problems lie. So I’ve given up breakfast cereal, wraps and crisps. I reckon that’s a lot of carbs every day.

I’m drinking shakes and eating fruit for breakfast, eating a lot of raw veg and fruit for lunch but allowing my usual dinner. Above all, I am trying to remain focused on reeducating my eating habits rather than losing weight. If I get the eating under control, the rest will follow.

In the first two weeks I lost 4.5lbs. But I haven’t checked again since as I was gifted two boxes of chocolates and ate them all – obviously. This is why I don’t buy foods that aren’t part of making meals. Snack foods are irresistible. I am trying to stay off the scales. If I haven’t lost anything I get very despondent. If I’ve lost weight, I reward myself with something nice to eat. It’s an absolute no winner. So the scales are virtually offbounds.



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2 responses to “Never Trust A Doctor”

  1. dori says :

    I’ve never been able to lose weight simply from exercising, unless I focused on food. In fact, I always thought working out made me hungrier, and made it more difficult to lose weight.

    I think you’re doing the right thing by just focusing on healthy eating rather than on losing weight. If you want some tips, come stop by my blog

    It’s written by me and two of my friends – we each struggled with our weight our whole lives and finally lost it and kept it off. I personally lost around 60 pounds for the first time ever without torturing myself and feeling hungry, both of my friends and co-contributors lost even more.

    • fromthehencoop says :

      Thankyou Dori! I am reading your blog as I write (kind of!). I may have had a eureka moment thanks to you. Eggs and beans on greens. What a genius way to avoid bread. I LOVE beans and eggs so that’s easy! I’ll be happy just to get back to my ‘lifetime’ weight. The weight my body insists I be at unless I starve myself (not easy when you love food). I want to get over my obsession with taste. It’s this that is the torture for me. If lettuce tasted on chocolate and peanut butter I’d eat lettuce by the sack full. I don’t think it’s the fullness I crave, it’s the taste. The battle goes on with my mind! Loving the blog! Keep at it. 😀

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