I’d Rather Cry In A Ferrari

I was working at a posh country house this weekend. The wife had just come back from a course on lambing – post dashing off to London for two days for her life drawing classes.
Going on courses such as this was quite the envy of the rest of us in the room. But her response was ‘Well you have to do these things and get out there or life passes you by.’
It struck me as a bit smug. When money is no object past times such as these are only a cheque book away. For those of us glad each month when we can just pay our bills, signing up to 10 week courses in London to draw naked people is just a pipedream.
It’s only ever rich people who say money can’t buy you happiness. But as the saying goes ‘I’d rather cry in a Ferrari’ and there is no doubt that if you are a bit unhappy with life, not having to worry how you’re going to pay your electric that month, isn’t one of the issues you’ll have to deal with if you have enough money.
I have a string of things I would love to do. My bucket list is unsatiable. And although I come from what could be termed a middle class background, I stupidly chose to go my own route and now I’m hard pushed to afford the basics each month.
In the developing world, people work until they die or are too old or ill to work. Here, a pensioned retirement has been a thing for years. Saying that, I think it’s unlikely me, or millions more in my generation and younger will ever be able to afford to retire. I need to keep my health because it’s the only thing that’s going to be able to keep me from starvation when I’m older. And that’s an unsettling prospect. Really I’m hoping I die before this becomes a real talking point in my life.
As for the bucketlist, I’ve stopped thinking about it for the short term. I have more immediate issues to deal with. I run my own company and just remaining in business is the main focus of my life. Yes, going back to office work does have a strong appeal (the regular paycheck) but I’m hoping to find a happy medium on that front rather than giving up what I believe was the whole point of it all.

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