Five Pints Of Water

Say hello to my (hopefully) new best friend. You’re supposed to drink this in water every day. How on earth do people manage it? I only have to drink a cup of tea and I need at least 2 trips to the toilet. I don’t have time for all that!
I volunteer as a model at my local massage training school and they are always banging on about me not drinking enough water. I know I know, dehydration is the root of all evil. It makes you tired, eat more and sleep less.
But water is just so boring. it doesn’t tick any of my taste factor boxes. Even though I know it has to be done.
Now that I’ve adopted this old milk container it’s going to be a lot easier to monitor what I’m actually drinking I mean, once it’s empty, it’s empty right?
Therefore, welcome to my new challenge. Along with less carbs, no sugar and all the other stuff.

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