Life Thoughts

When did life become such a depressing concept. Has it always been like this? Is it something they don’t tell you about in school because they know you’d just give up trying?

School gears you for college. College gears you for University. University gears you for work. But work isn’t what they promise it will be. And you’re so caught up in the whole work, career, buy a house phenomenon that you forget about life. About just living. About friends. About how to have fun. Let go.

I want to let go. And have some fun. And find some friends. And be me.

When does that start to happen? And how do you do that in a city of people all doing the same thing?


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About goingitalone

All you need to know about me is on my posts. Right now, things are quiet. I'm trying to get back into blogging. Time - where is all the time!!!!

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