PANO_20160529_113649Today, because the weather was glorious and I wanted to keep up my 3 miles a day (day 3 and all is going well) I packed some bottles of water and walked off into the countryside.

Because you think you’re in the middle of nowhere all will be quiet and serene. But as a large part of my walk was a designated trail there were walkers and cyclists everywhere.

Most them were enjoying themselves in the gorgeous bank holiday weather. Others not so much. And twice I came across a couple who bickered about the woman’s resistance to the joys of cycling. Elsewhere at a picturesque viewing point an Eastern European couple argued.

But for the most part it was perfect. I like this kind of solitude. I love the countryside and nature, trying to identify various birdlife. Smelling the heady whiff of a hawthorn hedgerow in bloom.

And then I came home, bought beer and Cornettos.



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