The Problem With Ex’s

This is the second time I have lived with an ex. And whilst it’s an immediate solution to a short term problem (ie housing contracts) it does have its problems.

The ex’s I have lived with have been mutual separations. By the time I decided enough was enough the relationship was so ‘unrelationship’ like that the conversation about not being partners any more was merely a 5 minute formality.

And then everything went on as before. And so, although you are now free and single, nothing feels very different. There’s no ‘fresh start’ feel or liberating realisation. No need for a drunken party to celebrate.

You are free to do as you want and go where you want and not have to tell anyone when you will be back, but it just doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything amazing.

I’ll have to wait until the end of August for that. It seems like an age away and I can’t wait. I am planning. But this time I don’t have to move furniture, or a business or animals.


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