Great Britain Voted To Leave The European Union 230616

I have lived my entire life under the comfort blanket of the EU. In 1975 someone decided we needed to be attached to the mainland. And it didn’t end with the Euro Tunnel.

I resent the assumption that Brexitiers are racists. That you can’t be a Euro Sceptic without wanting everyone sent back to the war-torn Middle East. That I am a nazi.

I was blinded by lies and spin on both sides of the argument and in the end I had to go with my gut.

I live in a world where I will never own my own house, where being in business means I will always be on the edge of poverty. I want to try it on the other side of the fence. Where I am not governed by a collective that doesn’t understand my position, or where I live and doesn’t really care.

I live in the part of the country which had the biggest number of out voters. We were promised the Northern Powerhouse. Reporters suggest we shall now never have it. But the truth is that we never did. It was a spin for the last election. To keep Tory bums on seats. Nothing has changed in the North West. The Powerhouse is a Unicorn.

Of course, nothing will change for next 2 years. So our initial reactions are presumptuous.

But I am amazed by the dramatic results. Poor past election turnouts suggested the UK didn’t care enough or was too spineless to stand up and really be counted. I have been proved wrong. And I am glad of that.


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