Democracy, or democratic government, ‘a system of government in which all the people of a state or polity are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament or similar assembly”, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary – Wikipedia

The decision to vote out at last week’s EU Referendum was only ever going to be met with hostility. For some reason people are terrified of independence.

That there are suggestions some Brexit supporters regret their decision because they didn’t think their vote would be taken seriously is shameful and embarrassing. I voted out. If I was asked to vote again, I would vote out. I will always vote out. I’m sure there are in voters who also regret their decision. But of course, the reportage would tell you otherwise.

I have voted at every election. Only once has my election choice won. I have never been asked what I think about being in the EU. I do not believe we should be in the EU. I have never believed it.

This is not a racism card. This is about DEMOCRACY, it’s about a country and its own political system being able to make its own decisions without being beaten down at every stage of the decision making process by other countries who have different ways of working, different opinions and like to ride on the coat tails of other countries who are ‘perhaps’ doing better than them. There isn’t always safety in numbers.

If Remainers are now saying they want a new Referendum or that the out vote is not legally binding what is the point of having an election system. What is the point of democracy?

The decision has been made. The country will be better for it, but we have to grow a backbone and get on with the job instead of whining like spoilt children and throwing our toys out of the pram. I am disappointed in our political system, in our choices, in our public who stamp their feet and scream and shout but then want to back down. I would hope we see this through. It’s the hostility and the inability of our politicians to stand up and get on with the job in hand that is causing Brexit supporters to apparently change their mind.

I resent that suddenly since the out vote racism has become an issue in this country (as if it never was before) and I resent the suggestion the the Brexit vote was entirely about immigration. It is not.

I will be disappointed and ashamed of my country if the Referendum is reversed or we are asked to vote again. I don’t know what else I expected. I voted out. I stick by my out vote. People of the UK grow a backbone and deal with it.


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