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5 Weeks Today…

So here we are. Five weeks to the day since I said enough was enough and took control of my diet again.

Results? Well I’ve lost 7.1lbs and 2.5 inches off my waist.

I’ve downloaded a new app to help me appreciate the finer details of this amazing feat and remind myself just how far I’ve come.

I feel better physically and mentally, I certainly look better. More than anything I have taken control. The more confident and positive I feel the more I want to return to the gym so it won’t be long now.

Today I went out to lunch. An array of food appeared before us and I was amazed at my unnatural restraint. I am winning. I am breaking my addiction to food.


Less Is More

I watched a programme today, the sum of which was that if you want to lose weight eat less than you burn. Makes sense right? So why is it everyone wants to lose it without changing their diet?

Because we quite literally want our cake and to eat it.

Prompted by the image attached to this blog, which is of my last almost four weeks on my eat less diet, an acquaintance who is vastly overweight asked me how I did it adding ‘and don’t ask me to put down my fork.’ I told him that if that was his thinking then he would fail.

Becauss there is no miracle to weight loss. Primarily you have to cut down on your food intake. What else did you expect?

The chart attached represents four week and half a stone. In case you were wondering the spike is what happens on your period. In my case 5lbs. But once it was over not only did the weight go but I had lost another pound during it and managed to stick to the programme. Hi-5 me.

Awkward Times

Living with an ex is never an ideal situation. But done out of necessity. This is the second timme I’ve had to do it because of housing contracts. I have 6 weeks to go.

Last time was messy. This time so far is amicable but inside I am raging and desperate to go.

You see, my now ex can’t keep his dick in his pants. He’s been seeing someone else for a while. It was why I ended the relationship back in May rather than string it out until the end of the housing contract.

He thinks I don’t know what is going on, but the problem with someone who has been screwed around is that you learn how to find stuff out. If I wasn’t living here I would cut everyone off, but right now I am arming myself with information so I know what is going on. I don’t want him to think he’s got one over on me.

Worst of all is that he takes her to all the places we used to go. I guess he has no imagination. He’s taking her on holiday next week. He hasn’t told me this. But he makes it easy to find out.

I can’t wait to move, to delete shared social media. To remove phone numbers. I cannot wait. I want to be the one that cuts him off and he’s left wondering why because he thought we’d stay friends. He’s a narcissist. Six weeks to go max and I’m out.

Control Is Good

Knowing how much you really need to eat is half the battle. Mankind is in trouble. Weight is on the rise. But everywhere you go you are reminded that you need to buy food, eat food, enjoy food.

We no longer eat to stay alive. We eat for fun, for something to do, because we can. In turn a lot of that food is designed to be addictive and designed to not fill you up, so you are always going back for more.

As a general rule I am not an unhealthy eater. I home cook most days, I rarely eat snacks or junk food and budgets mean eating out is a very rare treat. But I don’t have a particularly active lifestyle although mentally I am always busy. So my calorie requirements are low. But I am still eating too much.

Two weeks and 4 days ago as I piled on yet another pound to a shocking 180lbs. That’s nearly 13st. I have NEVER been this heavy. I was depressed. I was obsessed with how I looked. I did not like it. So I decided enough was enough. I needed to relearn how much food I actually needed and get used to filling my time with things that didn’t involve eating.

Straight away I knocked out breakfast and lunch. Instead – 2 pieces of fruit and as much tea, water and squash as I needed. Within two days I was barely thinking about food. I realised I didn’t need it. I felt fine. Evening dinner is the same as before. And I look forward to it.

I feel less lethargic, trimmer, all that bloating feeling has gone. I’ve realised that if I am bored, eating does not improve that or increase the quality of my day. It makes me feel guilty and that is the vicious circle I was finding myself in.

I haven’t yet upped my activity levels. I am hoping the enthusiasm will return now that the weight has started to come off. If anything it will accelerate my weight loss which has to be a motive on its own.

So the question is how much have I lost? So today I was 175.25lbs so that’s a loss of just over 5lbs. That means I’m on my way to losing half a stone in 3 weeks. I haven’t made any drastic changes. And the changes I have made are not a diet, they are a lifestyle change. Unless I up my physical activity, I do not need to consumer more than I do. It’s about mental and physical control and rationalising as to why you think you need something.

If weight gain was not an issue I would eat all day every day. I love food. I love the taste and the texture. I love exploring taste and food. It’s fun, it’s nice. But it’s not an option if I value my health. And realistically food is not upping my quality of life.