Less Is More

I watched a programme today, the sum of which was that if you want to lose weight eat less than you burn. Makes sense right? So why is it everyone wants to lose it without changing their diet?

Because we quite literally want our cake and to eat it.

Prompted by the image attached to this blog, which is of my last almost four weeks on my eat less diet, an acquaintance who is vastly overweight asked me how I did it adding ‘and don’t ask me to put down my fork.’ I told him that if that was his thinking then he would fail.

Becauss there is no miracle to weight loss. Primarily you have to cut down on your food intake. What else did you expect?

The chart attached represents four week and half a stone. In case you were wondering the spike is what happens on your period. In my case 5lbs. But once it was over not only did the weight go but I had lost another pound during it and managed to stick to the programme. Hi-5 me.


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