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Making Friends

It’s really hard making friends when you’re in your 40s and single because you want to be. Everyone is either settled down and pumping out sprogs, single but frantically dating or divorced and miserable.

I’m watching Cold Feet – the entire history – before the new series starts in the autumn. And they all seem like such fun minus the kids and the marital problems. Maybe that was just the early 2000s.

But I don’t think people are really like that. I wish they were. I’d houseshare with Andy Williams any time.



Moving logistics can be a pain the arse. The end of my house contract is 29th Augus. Moving out is in all probability going to be 5 days before. The furniture isn’t mine and it has to go. It’s potentially 2 weeks of homelessness. Thinking cap is on.

I know where I will be living eventually but I have to fill in two weeks with showering at the gym and eating clean – as in raw, uncooked. As in no cooking facilities. The one advantage is after a trip to the pub, I don’t have to drive anywhere.


I am nearly there. And I’m currently surfing on a higher plane. Moving is imminent and I am exhilarated by it. Complete separation is nearly there and I have no concerns about it whatsoever.

I’ve also been distracted by a little bit of eye candy to help while away the evenings. It shan’t last and it’s minor by comparison to real relationships, but it’ll do. If  there is one thing I have noticed since being single it’s men. Distraction is key at times like this. And I’m glad this one arrived at just the right time.

Rental Abuse

I watched a Youtube video recently about a lady who slept in the lounge of her house. But it was a communal lounge in a shared house. It included a dining room table for 6 and the house tv. Her bed was in the corner.

She thought this was ok. That it was an acceptable right of passage for living in London. I mean, who would demean themselves purely for the sake of living in London?



I’ve accepted a new houseshare – surprisingly the first one I saw. It’s funny how not being under pressure to move by a certain date encourages the right response. I wnt along with no expectations.

It’s closer to town (it cuts my driving down by 14 miles a day) and it’s in a very well looked after house in what seems to be a good enough area.

It’s with a family. But there are cats, dogs and goldfish so it’s a nice house in that respect. It’s a downstairs room so no awkward late night tiptoeing around if I come in late and it’ll mean I don’t have to watch the tv with headphones. And the clincher was the very posh ensuite that I get all to myself. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered, mostly because of the kids.

The bedroom isn’t that huge but cosy. It’s the bathroom that’s done it, the 10 minute drive to work and the £350 a month all inclusive bill. All I have to find is my food and then how much extra my insurance company are going to rip me off for moving closer to town (thanks ESure). Last time it cost me an additional £120 but as I’ll be saving on average a tank and a bit of petrol per month I guess it works out in my favour somewhere along the line.