Living Without A Home

It’s just four weeks before I have to move house again. The price of houseshares continues to rise and private renting isn’t cheap. There’s no guarantee of what you’ll get of course until you’ve signed the contract and handed over your money.

I’ve been renting with one other person (my recently ex boyfriend) for the last year and it’s worked out pretty cheap. But looking at the cost of other houseshares it’s concerning how expensive they are. There are various reasons. Landlords taking a tasty cut I guess. Plus council tax and water rates on modern properties are vastly more expensive than the Victorian terrace I’ve enjoyed.

As well as the housesitting option I’ve been mulling over to avoid living with nutters, I’ve been considering a few months of homelessness to get back on top of my finances. If I can switch between housesitting and sleeping in my studio I can potentially save myself about £350 a month based on what I currently spend on rent and utility bills. It’s not a huge amount of money but that’s nearly £1000 in 3 months which is a lot when you are a small business with limited outgoings.

The cost of living continues to spiral and the only way to combat it effectively if I want to stay in rented accommodation is to go back to full time work and I just don’t want to do that right now. I effectively owe several months rent. The first half of the year is always the most expensive for my business – insurances to pay, website renewal,  car tax, MOT and insurance. Customers owe me money so theoretically I’ve been doing okay but they haven’t paid yet. And with my next rent deposit still tied up in my current property I am loathe to shell out anymore. I want to recuperate the savings I have used over the last few slow months.

I feel remarkably relaxed about the possibility of having nowhere to live. I don’t have to answer to anyone anymore and in a month I won’t have to talk to my ex or have to justify anything to him. I’m on the mailing list for Spareroom but I haven’t followed up any of the potentially suitable places I have seen. My options of course are flexible and it’s easy enough to change plan and find somewhere at very short notice.

On Saturday I had a meeting with my first housesitting assignment, 2 and a bit weeks in a comfortable 3 bed house with garden and offroad parking caring for two cats whilst their owners take a well earned break. It means I won’t have anywhere to live for the first two weeks after I move but I think it will be cathartic. Once that’s been confirmed through the booking service I will know how to structure the rest of my time and how to plan my first weeks after my current contract ends.


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