The Legality Of Nomads

My first housesitting booking is confirmed. And at the end of August I will be without a permanent residential address…

So there I was merrily planning shaking off the millstone of rent and bills, when it occurred to me what was I supposed to do about the legal stuff like the DVLA, the bank, my car insurance? How do I get around that?

I’ve been reading some interesting forum discussions on this issue from people who live in motor homes, on caravan sites or purely for work reasons just don’t have or need a permanent address.

Further research and a call to my car insurance company answered my concerns. If you don’t have a permanent residence you will be discriminated against. They said that if I don’t have a permanent address, they will not insure me.

Now I know there are lots of people out there just not updating their address and getting away with it or leaving their car elsewhere. But I  am not that lucky. If I did that, I’d be bound to get caught. And my car is an integral part of my business and therefore without it, or with fines to pay I put myself in awkward financial and legal situations. So reluctantly I am now looking again for a houseshare.

I am not a people person. Give me isolation any day. Housesitting opportunities are going to be valuable downtime for me.So I’m going to carry on down that route, because even if I am living somewhere else, housesitting is going to be a part of my set up.


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